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Namibia, Africa

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Sam Hinamwaameni Shaanika
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Andreas Namwoonde

Nurture Africa

Dr. Yvonne Ritze Mentoring

Germany, Europe

Deutsch-Namibische Entwicklungsgesellschaft e.V.

Germany, Europe

In the 40 years of its successful work, the Deutsch-Namibische Entwicklungsgesellschaft has played a major part in the support of education and health in Namibia. Its focus on sustainability and capacity building contributes to inducing a positive long-term change in the society and to improving the living conditions of the people.

Frode Hobbelhagen



Germany, Europe

Welt.Weit.Wasser is a matter of the heart. We desire a world where everybody has sufficient to drink and eat. A world where nobody gets sick or dies because of bad water or out of thirst.

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Dietmar Feigenspan


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Florian Mahringer

Project Management, Funding & Marketing