Nurture Africa

Dietmar Feigenspan.jpeg

Dietmar Feigenspan

CEO - Welt.Weit.Wasser.

Germany, Europe

Dietmar Feigenspan was 10 years old as he watched a segment of the station 'Freies Berlin' about the catastrophic drought in the Sahelian zone. Ever since, the subject 'water' did not let him go.

Today, Dietmar is the head behind the invention of the metabolizer plant and the 'little cloud' modules, producing healthy drinking water, clean electricity and pure sea salt.


Frode Hobbelhagen

President - Deutsch-Namibische Entwicklungsgesellschaft e.V.

Germany, Europe

Frode Hobbelhagen is a business graduate and chief executive of his own consulting company, PEP ökotec Consult GmbH. His focus lies on sustainability management, and especially on ESG controlling. Frode is also a lecturer at Weincampus in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.

He is president of the Deutsch-Namibische Entwicklungsgesellschaft e.V. since 2021, where he before has been treasurer for 20 years.

Frode, who grew up in Norway, is married and has three grown up children.


Florian MahringerPortrait.webp

Florian Mahringer

Project Management, Funding & Marketing - Welt.Weit.Wasser.

Austria, Europe

Florian Mahringer is kind of a silver bullet, entrepreneur, consultant and expert with a lot of foresight. He is active in web, marketing and IT as well as in the startup business for more than 20 years. He is working as consultant, project manager, business analyst and programmer. 

Florian has an interest in personal development, runs a website for highly sensitive persons, and has been working as coach and trainer.

Yvonna Ritze.jpg

Dr. Yvonne Ritze

Owner - Dr. Yvonne Ritze Mentoring

Germany, Europe

Dr. Yvonne Ritze is an expert for behavioral neuroscience. She has been working as research group leader for more than 10 years, with main emphasis on nutrition, sleep and learning behavior.

She founded her own company in 2019, Dr. Yvonne Ritze scientific mentoring. As a mentor, she looks after people and companies, who want to acheive their goals, with focus on topics like health, happiness and career.

Yvonne is married and has two children.