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IMG_1617.jpegAfrica is a continent with a rich cultural variety and enormous agricultural potential. However, many African communities face challenges like droughts, soil erosion, lack of freshwater and partly limited fertile land. Traditional farming methods are often stretched to their limits and lead to crop shortfalls and food shortages.

This is where the idea and concept of Nurture Africa steps in. With maintenance-free and durable technology, we generate freshwater out of saltwater. In combination with locally produced hydroponic systems, we build the foundation to operate fruitful crop growing even in harsh regions. We enable many people in Africa to sustainably provide fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs for themselves for the long term and also to successfully sell potential surpluses.

Hydroponic crop growing does mean that plant grow in water instead of soil. This makes it possible to use up to 90 % less water than with conventional agricultural methods. The required clean water for this is produced by modules by Welt.Weit.Wasser., using solar power only, in drinking water quality. Together with fertilizer and minerals, the water is fed into the hydroponic system. In the end, the facilities will produce fruits, vegetables, herbs and salt, independent of seasonal limitations like water shortages and other climate conditions. With that, we not only ensure an all-season supply with fresh food but also lay ground for a healthier and wealthier life in the affected areas.

As part of our work, we also provide trainings and education. In cooperation with other initiatives and local partners, we train and teach juveniles and adults on the topic hydroponic crop growing, a modern and future-proof technology, with expert know how from Europe. With that, we not only ensure acceptance of our project within the population as well as securing the operation of the facilities, but also create a future and jobs for the participants. 

Nurture Africa is an initiative by Dr. Yvonne Ritze, Dietmar Feigenspan, Frode Hobbelhagen and Florian Mahringer. We share our social commitment and the desire to make the world a better place without hunger or thirst. With Nurture Africa, we created the opportunity to accomplish something big in Africa - beginning with Namibia - by giving local people support to help themselves.

Current projects

Namibia, Africa


Namibia is one of the driest countries south of the Sahara. In cooperation with the University of Namibia, we started a pilot project to soon provide the people of Namibia with healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables.

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